Welcome to the landscape of the Renaissance

Tuscany, land of art and great wines, cradle of the Renaissance and modern thinking. A generous nature wisely guided by the hands of man, a rich territory where grapes grow and bring to life prestigious wines renowned the world over. A culture of winemaking that respects ancient tradition while always knowing how to evolve, which to this day expresses excellence and innovation. Welcome to the land of the Renaissance, welcome to Villa Corliano.

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A culture of values

Villa Corliano is the coherent representation of the history of a family which for over 40 years has guided the magical works of nature with care and respect. Local culture and authentic character intertwine deeply in our wines, elegant and refined, liquid mirrors of Tuscan history. Every single bottle signed Villa Corliano contains these intense values.


A land devoted to beauty

Villa Corliano is located a few kilometres from Florence within the prized Chianti Colli Fiorentini wine area, where the Arno, flowing at the foot of these silent hills, slowly winds through twisting valleys as it marks the boundary with the equally important wine denomination of Carmignano. From the top of these gentle slopes impregnated with history and the art of winemaking, you can admire the city of Florence and breathe the timeless air as you stroll through vineyards and olive groves of extraordinary beauty.


Times change but what’s well done remains forever

Just as the values of a family through the generations are enriched through new sensibilities while remaining unchanged in their essence, so tradition also evolves… while always respecting the timeless rules of nature. This is our winemaking philosophy. An ancient culture combined with a deep knowledge of terroir and winemaking techniques, love for the vineyard and strict selection of the best fruits. Every small gesture is essential in enabling great wines to tell their stories of our land and its devoted guardians.


Villa Corliano

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